Florilegium is a family of objects that looks to reimagine the traditional craft process of flower pressing. It comprises of DIY flower press and field notes books that enable the user to press collected flowers from a walk to later display on the self assembled glass side table in the home environment. It aims to help enable biophillic experiences which are proven to improve physiological mental well-being to include anxiety and stress often experienced in built environments where contact with nature is minimal.


A watering system for indoor plants that relies on gravity for the user to access their suspended planters for watering.

It is made up of interchangeable suspended terracotta planters and self-watering glass propagation pots and planters. Hand lathed brass pulleys and a powder coated black metal tubing are fed with rope that are adjustable



It started with a scruffy old wooden flower press abandoned at a Wimbledon car boot for a bargain £1. The lucky find was pocketed and rehomed in my south London studio where it was deconstructed to explore a new way of working the traditional 2D craft technique of pressing flowers. 

By investigating various traditional mold making techniques in combination with CNC machining, Bouquet was born. The unique hand molding process developed enables flowers to be pressed into a variety of 3D vase like forms. 

Flowers were harvested and gathered from local gardens, road side verges, or if the sun was out, a field at the end of a train journey. 

This series of pressings looks to biophillic design, which reflects the human desire to connect with nature. Bouquet’s connection to season and place through the visual experience of gifting flowers helps satisfy this desire by bringing natural wildness into your home or work space. 

Bouquet offers an extended experience of the traditional bouquet that normally lasts 10 days. Each pressing is a one off and has a life span of 6-+ months.

Bouquet is available on a commission basis.

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This body of work is a collection of mixed media objects revealing experiences of the surrounding landscape - Newcastle Upon Tyne situated in the north east of England.

Dusty building sites and roadside verges were explored, collecting materials while observing the affects of redevelopment on the surrounding landscape.

Conclusions are expressed using a combination of materials, form and craft processes to reference the way in which we have come to view nature as something to be conquered and displayed; like hunting trophies, that reduce nature to a mere aesthetic object, leaving it barren, still and subdued.

The work forms part of the ongoing debate over humanity's relationship to nature.

Products of an environment

Drawn to the everyday "Products of an Environment"  is a response to the agricultural landscape of south west Cornwall where material juxtapositions are used to remind us of the beauty and usefulness that come from simple things. It looks to provoke a dialogue with a society lost in mass consumption amongst a fragile ecology. 

Some objects specifically comment on how we build our ‘shelters’ in a domesticated environment, while others humour a society that places so much emphasis on the value of utility. 

The objects aim to have a sculptural impact, set within current thinking on environmental issues.